• Natasha Maria

5 Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

Very simple makeup tips if you want to create a quick natural makeup look.

Always remember less is more when it comes to creating a natural makeup look!

  1. Eyeliner - Use a very light shade even use an eyeliner lightly along your lash line.

  2. Mascara - Applying mascara lightly will enhance your lashes in the most natural way.

  3. Foundation - First, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. A little goes a long way, so start applying lightly and add more as desired. The goal of the foundation is to create a smooth, even tone. Also, select a brush that is appropriate for your foundation; some brushes work best with a liquid foundation, as opposed to pressed powder.

  4. Powder - It is the same for powder - not too much. The powder tends to sit on top rather than blend into your face, so be sure to blend your makeup with a fluffy powder brush to avoid obvious lines.

  5. Lips - For a natural look, it is best to stick with neutral colours. Sometimes a lip gloss is perfect to keep it natural but add that little bit of sparkle. You can even just throw on some tinted lip balm!


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