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Easy Yellow Eyeshadow Look

Mini tutorial for a simple yellow eyeshadow look.

Check out the mini-tutorial below. I've also created some steps to help you.

Eyeshadow Steps:

  1. Prep your eyelid with concealer

  2. Pat on yellow eyeshadow all over your lid and up to the crease

  3. Blend out with a clean fluffy brush up towards your brow bone

  4. Use a small brush to gently apply brown eyeshadow to your top lid like wing eyeliner. Also, apply it along your lower lash line.

  5. Blend out with the brush you used for the yellow eyeshadow

  6. Create a winged liner with liquid eyeliner

Face Makeup Steps:

  1. Prime

  2. Foundation

  3. Concealer under eyes

  4. Light contour slightly under the cheekbone

  5. Blush just above the contour

  6. Highlight high on the cheekbones and around temples

  7. Lip spa plumping lip balm

The Finished Look

What I used:

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Thanks for watching hope you like this tutorial. If you did you will probably like my ebook showing you how to do a proper facial routine from the comfort of your own home. As you know it's super important to do proper skincare especially when you are using makeup. So click here to check it out.


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