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How To Eliminate Shiny Skin

Updated: May 23

A very popular skincare question is how do I reduce oily skin? Well, I hate to say this but if you have oily skin you are probably always going to have oily skin. But there are some things that you can do that will reduce oiliness and help to shrink pores and reduces breakouts.

You are probably thinking YES I want to reduce oiliness but,

I don't want to dry out my skin with loads of harsh chemicals!

I don't want harsh products to just make my breakouts worse!

I don't know how to cleanse my skin properly.


I am not a skincare professional!

Well, you don't have to be a skincare professional to be able to reduce your oily skin. I am going to help you reduce your oily skin without using a tonne of harsh chemicals and without making your breakouts any worse.


First of all, I'm going to share a very simple cleansing routine with you so you know how to properly cleanse your skin.

1 - Cleanse in upwards motions

2 - Tone your skin to close pores

3 - Moisturise

4 - Skincare treatment (optional)

Do this twice a day and that's it! That is a very simple cleansing routine you can do daily.

Now to the good stuff, I know you don't want to strip your skin and cause it to dry out by using loads of harsh products, I know because I'm the very same and if you don't know me I have very oily skin myself.

But, you can use gentle organic products made with natural ingredients.

One of the best natural ingredients for oily skin is tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial oil that is excellent for treating acne and blemishes and will not clog up your pores. It also reduces moisture loss and boosts your skins hydration. It will also control oil production.

Another natural ingredient that is great for oily skin is lime! Lime also has antibacterial qualities which prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

These combined make powerful yet gentle skincare.

So if you want to reduce oil then you HAVE to use ingredients that are going to:

  • Regulate oil production

  • Won't clog your pores

  • Reduces moisture loss

  • Boost skin hydration

  • Prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria

  • Mattify your skin

This is why this tea tree oil and lime skincare range is perfect for oily skin.

  • Natural

  • Paraben-free

  • Gentle on skin

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-Comedogenic (means it won't clog pores)

  • Dermatologically-tested

The range includes a gel face wash, toner and mattifying moisturiser.

If you use these to do a cleansing routine morning and night you will see results in as little as 1 week!

Your skin will be less oily and you will have fewer blemishes and pores.

Here are my own before and after results below using this exact routine.

These results are after only 1 week!

The key here is to be consistent. If you do your routine each morning and night you will see results!

So click the link below to check them out.

Love Nature Tea Tree Oil And Lime Skincare

- Natasha

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