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How To Do A Natural Summer Makeup

Hey ladies, Since it's coming into summer month I wanted to share how you can get a natural summer makeup look with these easy steps.

You can see the finished look in the picture below. Like I said it's just meant to be a very natural makeup look that will brighten your skin and give you that glowy summer skin.

1. Prep your skin! - This is a must you need to do a good cleansing routine by cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising. A good exfoliation will help give you a smooth application and glowing skin.

2. Once you have prepped your skin apply your primer and let it absorb into your skin for 5 minutes before applying anything else. For that natural makeup look, it's good to go for a primer that adds a nice blurring effect to your skin. I like to use pore minimising primer as well as I have oily skin. (I will leave the full product list below)

3. Now it's time to apply some makeup! Since we are going for a natural look here a tinted moisturiser or bb cream is best. I like to use the A - Z cream because it is an all in one solution! It will brighten your skin, cover circles, hydrate and so much more.

4. The next step isn't necessary but if you want you can apply a tiny bit of concealer under your eye area or anywhere you feel needs a little bit of extra coverage.

5. Add some mascara. You can't go wrong with lashes and for me, it's a must-have with any makeup look! Make sure you chose the right mascara. Since this is a natural summer makeup look a good waterproof mascara should do the trick.

6. Add some blush high on your cheekbones. Just add this very lightly to give a nice gentle glow. Use a blush that has a slight shimmer to get that lovely glowy skin.

7. And for the final step add some lippy! Now, since covid lippy has kind of become a no go but I have been using the Ultra Fix Lipstick because once it seals it stays put all day and doesn't transfer to face masks! I've worn it all day and only had to do a small touch up after eating then it was perfect again.

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Here is the product list I mentioned above. This is everything I used for this look.

For skin prep I used:

Love Nature Tea Tree Oil & Lime

- 2 in 1 face scrub and mask

- Gel wash

- Toner

- Moisturiser

For makeup I used:

- Pore minimising primer

- Hydra A - Z cream in shade fair warm

- Everlasting precision concealer in shade light nude

- 5 in 1 Wonderlash mascara

- The one face and eyes makeup palette for blush ( I used the light pink shade. This palette is so pretty!)

- Colour unlimited ultra fix lipstick in shade ultra rose

I hope you found this helpful. If you did please share, I appreciate it so much. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page.

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