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Easy Ways To Treat And Reduce Maskne

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are doing well. Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about maskne (mask acne) because it's so popular and such an issue at the moment I wanted to share some simple things you can do daily to reduce maskne and irritation.


If you have oily skin then the mask that we have to wear almost everywhere now can cause your acne to get worse. This is because while wearing your mask a build-up of even more oil can occur from breathing and sweating. But don't worry these very simple tips you can do every day should help clear up that maskne.

Cleansing Your Skin

Always stick to your cleansing routine every morning and night. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser so you don't aggravate your acne or make your skin more sensitive. ( This is my go-to cleanser at the moment, its gentle and contains natural ingredients)

Reduce Build Up

Use an exfoliator with salicylic acid 3 times per week if you have oily skin and once per week if you have sensitive skin. This will help reduce excess build-up and the salicylic acid helps to reduce blackheads by unclogging pores. (Here is my current exfoliator 2 in 1 face mask and scrub with natural tea tree oil and lime)


Don't forget to apply your moisturiser even if you have oily skin. Try opting for a moisturiser that contains natural tea tree oil as it's antibacterial and will help to reduce build-up under your mask.

(Here is my current daily moisturiser. Great for oily skin)

Spot Treatment

If your acne is fairly bad you can use a spot treatment under your mask and before you go to bed at night to clear up your skin faster. Don't keep using these all the time though as they can dry out your skin, only use them until your acne is reduced then stop. (This is the one I use)

Throw It Out

Always throw out disposable masks after each use.

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So there are 5 simple things you can do daily to reduce maskne and clear up your skin.

  1. Cleanse

  2. Exfoliate

  3. Salicylic acid treatment

  4. Moisturise

  5. Throw out disposable masks

I hope you find this helpful and that it helps you to clear up that annoying maskne. Trust me I have oily skin too so I know how it can get!

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